As part of our commitment to inclusion and accessibility, Transform is trialling a Pay What You Can ticket model, with ticket options performances and events generally ranging from £0/£2-25.

Audiences can select from a range of ticket options, making a choice based on their individual financial circumstances.

We invite you to select the ticket price that best applies to you and your own financial circumstances. We have also included a recommended price, based on what we’d traditionally charge for a performance. If you are able to pay above the recommended price or above, this contribution helps us towards sustaining this approach and ensuring affordability for others who cannot meet the recommended price, whilst contributing towards making the festival happen. Here’s some basic guidance to help inform your pricing level decision:


I am unemployed and regularly worry about meeting my basic needs, the only way I can access the event is at no cost


I am unemployed, underemployed, or unable to work and regularly worry about meeting my basic needs


I have access to income but it is low and unstable and I worry about meeting my basic needs


I receive or have access to regular income, and have access to some disposable income. I would select a concession rate for an event due to my age or personal circumstances


I have access to a regular and stable income and I have the means and desire to contribute towards making the performance affordable for others and helping towards making the festival happen


Our partner Leeds Playhouse runs our box office and ticketing on our behalf, and they charge a transaction charge of £2.50 for each transaction. This applies to tickets bought online or over the phone but does not apply to over-the-counter tickets.
Leeds Playhouse Box Office
Leeds Playhouse, Playhouse Square, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UP

0113 2137700