April 11, 2019

This year, Transform festival is predominantly taking place outside of arts venues and traditional theatres – and in unusual spaces and contexts. From empty warehouses and an old school hall, to pop-up spaces and a television studio takeover – the festival is able to materialise through alternative partnerships and means. During our search for space and possibilities to make Transform 19 happen – we knew that we weren’t alone.

We are aware that the city is changing and developing rapidly – and that the displacement of artists and creative space is a real and urgent matter. At a time of flux in the city this Open Space discussion asks – as Leeds changes and develops, can it be unlocked for creativity? How can we unlock space? How can we unlock opportunities? How can we open up real agency for the arts?

Open Space is a democratic discussion tool where participants set the agenda. This discussion is facilitated by artist Pauline Mayers.

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