Meeting the extraordinary MEXA
18 February, 2022

Meeting the extraordinary MEXA

Written by MEXA
"We've been talking to each other for a long time now..."

First seen as part of our launch A Festival for our Times: Transform 21-22 Gathering, meet the Brazilian collective MEXA, who are bringing their electric, unfiltered presentation of process and performance titled ‘The more you rehearse, the worse it gets’ to Transform 21-22.

MEXA was formed in 2015 as an activist initiative, following episodes of violence in homeless shelters in São Paulo. Since its genesis, the collective explores and debates the distances and proximities between the street and the museum, life and art, politics and aesthetics.

Alongside presenting this online performance, the company are working on a new collaboration with Transform for our next festival in 2023.

Find out more about this extraordinary collective and their stories, before watching ‘The more you rehearse, the worse it gets’ next month.

The more you rehearse, the worse it gets’ is a Panorama Festival initiative. Residency commissioned by Transform and supported by Leeds 2023.