JUMBIE – Behind the Scenes
22 February, 2022

JUMBIE – Behind the Scenes

Written by Jamal Gerald

Since the success of his last magnetic and unapologetic performance ‘IDOL’ as part of the Transform 19 line-up, Jamal Gerald is back to present his new interdisciplinary performance. Created by a Black queer ensemble, ‘JUMBIE’ is a ritual for our sick times.

‘JUMBIE’ revives the traditional Montserratian dance but from a contemporary queer perspective and is described as being ritual, part sex club, part dance party – and fully WTF.

During the development process, we took a behind the scenes look into Jamal’s rehearsal room. Enjoy this speak peak into Jamal’s process.

Video courtesy of Sable Studios. The development period for JUMBIE involved Fuad Abdi, Lee Affen, Maddy Costa, Rosie Elnile, Jamal Gerald, Jamila Johnson-Small, Yandass Ndlovu, mandla rae, Charlotte Woods, Rae Young.