Tshayi Hercules

Project Manager (Future Radicals)

Tshayi Hercules

Tshayi is youth worker based in Leeds. She works for Transform as the Project Manager for Future Radicals, a theatre collective for 16-21-year olds across Leeds. Tshayi, also known as T, takes responsibility for the development and delivery of the Future Radicals and most importantly the support and safeguarding of the young people.

Tshayi currently works for a young people’s project in Leeds as a youth worker planning and delivering high quality programs aimed at young people who are in secondary education. These sessions focus on emotional well-being and delivering group work in schools that improves this.

Not only is Tshayi passionate about supporting young people to be able to explore, express and empower themselves through the works she does, Tshayi has also been involved in theatre and performance having a diploma in performing arts.