June 18, 2020

We understand that the current circumstances continue to be extremely difficult for independent artists. At Transform, as we continue working and planning for a future festival to happen, we have been thinking about what we can pro-actively do to support independents in the more immediate term.

To start with, we do have skills in thinking through how projects and performance works can happen, and how to navigate, complex uncertain contexts, which we would like to be able to share more widely.

We are offering a series of producing consultation sessions for independent artists or creative people working in contemporary performance and based in West Yorkshire.

The sessions can be utilised in any way that is useful for the artist, but could involve anything from support re-imagining or re-modelling projects or plans, to thinking through funding or partnership practicalities.

We currently have ten one-hour online sessions available for ten independent artists, with Creative Director Amy Letman. We can pay £100 to each participating artist to ensure time is covered to participate.

If you are interested – please email with a brief description of who you are and what you want to work on or think about in the session. This can literally just be a few lines –please don’t worry about taking time over it. We will then get back to you as soon as we can.

These sessions are designed for practising independent artists in the West Yorkshire region. Depending on take-up, we may not be able to offer a session to everyone who gets in touch, and will be prioritising artists we don’t currently have a relationship with. Access support is available for participation wherever required.

Image – The Believers Are But Brothers, Javaad Alipoor, Transform 17


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