Thu 19 Aug 2021


Our upcoming festival Transform 21-22 is focused on reimagining, rediscovering and reconnecting. We recognise the tremendous impact that the global pandemic has had for the people who experience our festivals across all levels. As part of our commitment to inclusion and accessibility, Transform is trialling a Pay What You Can ticket model, with ticket options for ’12 Last Songs’ ranging from £2-25. Audiences can select from a range of ticket options, making a choice based on their individual financial circumstances.

We hope that this approach, inspired by some fantastic organisations in our home city and across the world, will mean that a greater number of people can have access to the performances and events we present, and that finance will be less of a barrier. We hope this approach will enable more people to take more risks on discovering extraordinary, unusual and international performance. By trialling this approach and through our next festival, we want to be able to have more of a transparent conversation around the costs that go into realising the festival and the kinds of projects Transform is known for.

The ticket income we receive from our audiences does not fully cover the cost of the performance or event but simply contributes towards it. In addition to ticket income, we apply to multiple funders for support, with our fundraising activities for each festival commencing as soon as the previous edition has ended. However the ticketing income we receive is still a vital part of our income mix, and contributes directly to enabling us to make the festival happen. Following each festival, we produce and share a detailed report including a financial breakdown of our income and expenditure (which can also be accessed publicly via the Charities Commission website).

We know that price is a barrier for some, and we hope that this approach will give a wider range of people the chance to engage with the work we do. We invite you to select the ticket price that best applies to you and your own financial circumstances. We have also included a recommended price, based on what we’d traditionally charge for a performance. If you are able to pay above the recommended price, this contribution helps us towards sustaining this approach and ensuring affordability for others who cannot meet the recommended price, whilst contributing towards making the festival happen. Here’s some basic guidance to help inform your pricing level decision for ’12 Last Songs’:

£2 – I am unemployed, underemployed, or unable to work and regularly worry about meeting my basic needs

£5 – I have access to income but it is low and unstable and I worry about meeting my basic needs

£10 – I receive or have access to regular income, and have access to some disposable income. I would select a concession rate for an event due to my age or personal circumstances

£15 (recommended ticket price) – I have access to a regular and disposable income, and I can comfortably afford the recommended ticket price

£25 – I have access to a regular and stable income and I have the means and desire to contribute towards making the performance affordable for others and helping towards making the festival happen

Please note that as tickets for ’12 Last Songs’ are being sold via our partner venue Leeds Playhouse, a booking fee (£2.50) is charged for each transaction (not for each ticket)