Transform 19

Transform 19 was a festival of powerful, international performance.

Igniting the city with trailblazing theatre, dance, parties and adventure, the festival assembled some of the boldest artists from across Leeds and the globe.

The festival featured new premieres by Action Hero (UK), Jamal Gerald (UK), 70/30 Split (UK) and machina eX (Germany) and a trilogy of performances created by a collective of young people, Future Radicals, together with artist David Shearing (UK). An explosive international programme saw UK premieres by coletivA ocupação (Brazil), Tianzhuo Chen (China), Motus (Italy), Luis Garay (Argentina/Colombia), nora chipaumire (USA), Julian Hetzels (Germany/Netherlands) and Jija Sohn (Netherlands).

The thumping heart of Transform 19, the Festival Centre at Prime Studios was the place to gather, reflect and celebrate. Spanning discussions, brunches, fashion shows and after parties with outfits including Love Muscle and Equaliser.

“And, yet again, Transform has changed the way audiences experience Leeds – even if just for the fleeting duration of a performance.”
— The Guardian

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