Sonia Hughes, A Black woman stands on a table in a glittery dress and black coat playing a violin.

CALL OUT: Old Chicks Funk Band


Wed 10 Apr 2024

Transform are collaborating with artist Sonia Hughes in exploring something fun, new and radical, and are looking for ace women to be a part of it  

“I’m starting something and I need your wonderful mind and body to help me think. 

I’m starting a band. Maybe you want to be in it, maybe you’re just curious. I just want to chat, play music, ask questions, perhaps sing a song. NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. 

I am 58, and I’m looking for people my age and older, but also open to some younger wild childs. It’s an all woman affair. Shy or tired ones, troublemakers, fat and thin ones, fearless and formidable all welcome. It will be fun and thoughtful, and it will be glorious to be amongst brilliant women in Leeds.” – Sonia Hughes