Linda Maestra (Beautiful Teacher)

Linda Maestra (Beautiful Teacher)



Lowri Evans and Martha Kiss Perrone have made performance work for a decade in Brazil and the UK. Their performances, films, rituals, workshops are known for their collision of artforms, curiosity and fearlessness, creation that starts with the body and ends in text, movement, image, and collective experience that explodes off the stage.  

As part of Transform 21-22, the pair return to Leeds to embark on a wild residency. Part road-trip, part-experimental laboratory: they will find older women and ask: what can you teach us? Summoning the powers of old age, these voices will be at the heart of a brand-new narrative.  

Over the coming months, you will be able to engage with the project as it evolves, through our Thinking section and a cinematic residency film. Check the website for updates. 

Residency commissioned by Transform, with the support of Leeds 2023.

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Linda Maestra (Beautiful Teacher)